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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

New Tech & Hi-Tech

There is a lot of new technology out there, and a few awesome ways of being part of the new hi-tech wave.

Personally I am proud to wear my Kickstarter based Pebble Watch, and at home I have Kickstarter Ruche Shelving and a Sensibo set.

Some projects I find very interesting are AllBe1, Sensibo and Zolo on Indiegogo.

And theres more!

On Kickstarter there seems to be a much wider range of products, from board games to 3D Printing printers. Persoanlly? I find Phree, Pebble Watch (mark II) and the utterly awesome Ruche Shelving to be ones to follow.




Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Kano: A Lego Computer

I'm more of a computer user than a computer maker, but I do wish that I could get more into the coding of programs, and not be dependent on those people in IT to help me with all of my computer based issues.

Until now I hadn't heard of any way of building a bare-bones computer yourself. No doubt these have existed, but really, the website for Kano is just out of this world ~ is a great way of finding new products and personally I have been interested enough in the product to put my hard earned money into funding the following:

99% Invisible, an incredibly interesting podcast that needed funding to create season 4
Monster Hunter International: Challenge Coins. Think challenge coins + vampires and werewolves
God Hates Astronauts - an insane comic book that, if I explained it to you, would have me incarcerated
The Monster Hunter International Employee's Handbook and RPG - a book load of artwork about MHI
And finally, ringbow, that was meant to be a finger based mouse, but turned into a rage infested tornado!

Anyhoo, Kano is a make it yourself computer;

What you get from Kano 

What you can make


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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I'm A Winner, Seriously!

Remember me telling you all about Larry Correia's new book back in October 2010? Or, more recently, about Monster Hunter Legion - Limited Signed Edition last month?

Well, then you'll understand why I am over the moon to hear that I am the winner of the Monster Hunter International prize mega package. I'm just blown away.Signed books, a poster and hopefully - and this is priceless - my name in Larry Correia's next book.

And The Winners Are...

The weird thing is that I am a tad cash strapped at the moment, what with having a 3 year old, a 1 year old and a wife at home - and no chance of a promotion or pay raise any time in the near future. So when I read of Jay's plan of raising money for a prostate cancer charity I thought 'nice idea, but I gave at the (tax) office'.

JayG convincing people to sponsor him 

And then I remembered Jason Boas. A friend of mine from high school. We'd gone our separate ways after graduation but I'd been in touch with him here and there over the years and then in the last few months of his life he came to a hospice in my area for care. We were going to meet up but he was just too weak to even chat on the phone sometimes.Sadly, as I reported back then, Jason died in November 2008.

Its nearly November now, and I remember Jason at this time of year so I thought 'heck, I'll donate to this charity and even when I don't win, I'll feel happy about doing it'.

So I'm triply happy; to be able to give to a great charity, to win the mega prize and to be able to remember Jason and pass on to others the message of his charity - 'No Surrender'.

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