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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Game of Thrones - Your Imagination

I have many faults. I'm the first to admit it . It's that I'm 'too handsome' or 'too clever', no, I just get annoyed at stupid people.

My main issue with stupid people is when they quote me lines from a movie, and yes, the movie was excellent but guess what - pillock - you didn't write the move, you just watched it.

A prime example is last week at the office, a part-time employee who sits at a desk near me came by and said to me 'wheres the fish?'. I looked at him as if he had just been at the markers in the board room.

An adult human foot is about 28 centimetres long.
Turns out, the muppet had been watching Monty Python over the weekend and thought that line to be the weirdest one ever. That wasn't even the part that embarrassed me, as it further transpires that he had never even bothered to watch the Monty Python TV show, which most people regard as their best work.

Silly man!

 And then there are the people that think that because they have seen the film they can't now read the book, or alternatively, instead of reading the book, they'll just watch the film.



Anyway, I'm off for a can of spam and a wafer thin mint in a minute but before that, here is someone else's rant about books and TV shows. In song form.

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