Friday, August 30, 2013

Israeli Troops Punished For Dancing In Hebron

I stumbled across this YouTube video of Israeli soldiers dancing in Hebron this afternoon and thought how fun it would be to share it and show the world that at the end of the day, the 2 sides do have a lot in common.

Sadly with my research I found that so many different people have twisted the story into their own little attacked on either side that I feel that I need only give you the footage and you can decide for yourself just how much hatred the 2 sides have for each other:

The Arabic at the bottom translates as 'Israeli soldiers dancing at a wedding a Palestinian in Hebron'.



Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Why Craig Ferguson is a God

I've liked Craig Ferguson for a long time now, in fact I didn't like him at all when he worked on The Drew Carey show, but his improvisation and stand-up have always been just hilarious.

His 2009 book 'American on Purpose' was very well written and a really good look into his life. It also led me to read his earlier book, 'Between the Bridge and the River' which which I found to be very thought provoking indeed.

So it was with great pride that I stumbled across this clip on YouTube of him explaining why life sucks.

Notice how he 'tags; the camera before talking? That's his little way of reminding himself that he is talking to real people out there, not just a camera.



Monday, August 12, 2013

New TV Series

Hey Honey - I'm home!

We've been out visiting family for the last 5 weeks, sleeping in spare beds and eating local delicacies.

Yup, we're happy to be home, in our own space, with cupboards, our own coffee and yes, our nice big TV in the lounge.

Here are 3 trailers that I'm sure you'll find 'interesting';

I get a little depressed each time great public television like "NOVA," "Frontline" or "PBS NewsHour" are threatened with funding cuts when shows like "The Real House Cats of Chattanooga" or "Survivor 25 1/2: Upstate New York" or "So You Want To Have A Weird Comb-Over" are owning the airwaves.

If we don't support public television, I'm really afraid that we'll just be left with drivel...