Friday, June 18, 2010

Vuvuzela, Venzuela,

The world is looking at South Africa now, and more specifically at the World Cup 2010, of which Nelson Mandela is rightfully proud.

 South Africa is showing that it can be a host to a world event, especially after all the worries about the astonishingly high level of violence and crime in certain areas of the country.

There are still issues with the South Africans though, and something that is ruining the occasion of today's football greats playing each other and that is the vuvuzlea.

No, not the Plavalaguna character from the Bruce Willis film, The Fifth Element, but rather a long trumpet or bugle that gives out an insidious noise. And the buggers keep blowing them throughout the match!

As if the players didn't have enough excuses as to why they lost the game / missed the shot / couldn't concentrate on kicking the ball.

Vuvuzelas in action at the World Cup 2010

Personally I fear that Diego Maradona is taking his integration into South African society a bit too seriously -

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The kids of today

Not like in my day when we had marching bands and ghillie suits. Oh wait, that can't be right....

But they did bring us the internet classic which has over 51,444,817 hits with them dancing all over treadmills.

As well as this great music video - beats the bollards out of Micheal Jackson multi-million dollar videos.

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Internetz stuff

Some links from blogs I truly admire, for June 1st 2010

Bostonmaggie shows us How to Honor Lt. John Finn, MoH (below) 
US Navy 051027-N-1577S-013 Retired U.S. Navy V...

Flyguy tells us about his experiences with 'unique' pilots in his life of being a commercial airline pilot in 'Captain Utah' (I particularly like the story about the bananas)

The Armorer over at Aaargh! The Home of Two of Jonah's Military Guys explains to us all Why Parents Drink.

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