Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Monty and Python Are Back

George, Ringo and Mike are back in a weekly sitcom all about 2 love-torn lovers who.... wait, wait, wait, wait

Terry, Micheal, John, Eric and the other Terry are reuniting to do a live stage performance of some of their best skits.

'Monty Python Live' was their previous stage show that ran in the The O₂ in London in July 2014, of which, the DVD is dedicated to Robin Williams.

So what can we expect of the troupe who hit the headlines in the 60's and 70's with their cutting edge humour and funny walks?

They seem very chummy, considering how long it has been since they appeared together last:

Sadly the Today Show seem to have no clue what they have in store when they have 5 Pythons in one room.



Tuesday, April 21, 2015

New Music Evolving

My big thing recently, apart from the family and work, of course, is music at work.

I sit in an awesome office with some of the nicest chaps on the planet, but sometimes I just need to crawl into my own headspace and think.

English: Garbage in 2005.YouTube is an upcoming platform for music (but I digress)  as is SoundCloud and Grooveshark. Facebook is one of the more unusual places I've gotten latched onto a new singer, and in this instance at least, I am very happy I did. as it led on to another talent and then another!

My first surprise was when Garbage (left), a band I have always loved, posted a video on facebook of Kawehi covering one of their classics. I had to listen and was impressed:

After I had listened to it a few times I let it play in the background and then it led to another awesome artiste, KHS:

So whats next?

I'll keep you updated, unless, of course you have some music for me to listen to! Post it in the comments...