Wednesday, January 29, 2014

SodaStream and Hating Israel

There has been a lot of hate and anger sent against Israel in the last few months (years, decades...) but none has been as obviously anti-Semitic as the BDS (boycott, divest and sanctions) attitude to a Super Bowl advert this year.

Her amazing-ness the Scarlett of Johannsen has come forward as a spokesperson for a fizzy water maker. Big deal. Ah, but that fizzy water maker is made in Israel. Oy vey! Stop the harlot from selling their wares. Its despicable. Its not fair on the kids.

Anyway, the factory in Israel is actually very supportive of it's workers, the majority of whom happen to be Palestinian.

Have a super day now!


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Monday, January 27, 2014

My Rabbi Is Tougher Than Your Rabbi

English: rabbi Shmuel rabinovitz Rabbi of the ...
English: rabbi Shmuel rabinovitz Rabbi of the Western wall with Rabbi Shmuel Deutch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Seriously? That's the level I'm stooping to? Yes, it appears that I am.

Despite the fact that Israel has a highly motivated and, sadly, highly active. army, the link between 'Rabbi' and 'Ultimate Warrior' has been lacking. Until now:

A California rabbi stepped into the cage for his first amateur MMA bout recently and won via TKO in the second round, according to FOX News (via The Algemeiner). Yossi Eilfort began training just six months ago under former UFC fighter Thierry Sokoudjou and said he never hit anyone in the face before.
His goal was to promote self-defense and fitness in the Orthodox Jewish community. Eilfort wanted the “physical, personal, mental challenge” -- not to injure someone.

“I believe if we’re not challenging ourselves, then we’re wasting time,” Eilfort said.

Yeah, my Rabbi can DEFINITELY beat up your Rabbi!

kthanxbai! Jumblerant
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

For The Danger Of It

A friend of mine recently praised wholeheartedly a new movie coming out called 'The Crash Reel'. Its a movie I am looking forward to seeing, but from the official trailer below, I was hooked by one line a reviewer is quoted on. And I think it might be the first time that I actually listen to what a reviewer says.

Did you catch the quote? At 1.49 Empire is quoted as saying ' Senna, its appeal and message transcend'.

Ayrton de Silva Senna was a hero of mine back in the '80s so I paid attention to that quote. And I am sure for sure going to watch The Crash Reel when it comes out too.

Here is why Ayrton Senna was just so amazing:

And thats why David Coulthard, Michael Schumacher and so many more F1 drivers all agree that he was an amazing driver, if not the best driver of all time.


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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Being Batkid

Back in November both The Joker and The Penguin invaded San Francisco, and the public not only cheered them, but literally hundreds of thousands of volunteers stood in the sun for hours on end to do so. Heck, the SFPD even had a helping hand in making sure that their plans went off like clockwork.

And here is why:

The Batkid phenomenon is already the subject of dissertations and theses as well as a forthcoming full-length documentary. Until that hits theaters, however, sit back and enjoy this video that takes you behind the scenes on Batkid day.

Miles, whose leukemia is in remission, was exhausted by lunchtime but the sight of the crowds and an escaping Penguin perked him right up again. His father beams with pride when Miles, a habitually quiet boy, put the Riddler in his place.

Great stuff. We can all agree that a 5 year old need never fight an evil such as cancer, but The Penguin? Yeah, he told him off without missing a step.



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