Saturday, November 29, 2014

New Star Wars Film - Teaser Trailer

Those of us  born in the late 60's and early 70's will no doubt remember the 'original' star wars series of 3 films with Mark Hamill, Sir Alec Guinness and that little known actor, Harrison Ford.

After many 'interesting' versions of what went before such as the sadly unforgettable Jaja Binks or the exceptionally appalling acting by Hayden Christenson as Darth Vader, we are apparently into a new generation AFTER Star Wars IV - VI.

Here is the UK trailer;

So here are some comments from friends of mine on Facebook, regarding the trailer:

LP: Just watched the new Star Wars trailer. Got a little over excited and wet myself.

AS: IT'S HERE!!!!!!!!!


It's nice to have a major film launch that isn't out to sell itself, but let's the audience do that to itself!

If you want a break down of the trailer and what we can assume or learn from it, look at what Empire magazine has written about the teaser trailer or what call A Shot for Shot Dissection

Here is the Lego stop motion option, with added, humourous subtitles:

Let me be the first to state categorically that I am sure there will be people sleeping outside cinemas soon for the release of the film itself, in December.




Monday, November 24, 2014

Longmire Lives!

Longmire, the modern-day cowboy film that was A&E's second most popular show last year (after Duck Dynasty), is going to have a new lease of life under the most auspicious of hosts, Netflix.

I doubt very much that anything I wrote had anything to do with it, but hey, I can dream!

Netflix, by the way, now have at least one new customer - moi - who will be paying a lot of attention to whatever adverts Netflix puts my way.

According to

"the show's demographic is much older than most A&E shows, but Longmire had the highest viewership of any scripted series on the channel. If you aren't familiar, the plot centers around rural Wyoming sheriff Walt Longmire and his crime-fighting chronicles based on the novels of Craig Johnson -- including a series-spanning search for his wife's killer. The set of new episodes will air in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand when they stream next year."

So I'm getting old I guess...



Sunday, November 23, 2014

Man Kills His Girlfriend

Its the age old story; boy meets girl, girl likes boy, they start going out against their parents wishes, girl jilts boy, boy savagely murders the girl and hides the corpse.

So whats the story here? Why do we care? Quite simply, because it just doesn't add up.

From those amazing chaps at NPR who brought us This American Life, we have a new show, a weekly updated serial, called Serial, that instead of being a self contained hour of interesting stuff, continues from week to week.

In my mind, this is in the finest traditions of story-telling, going back to Chaucer's tales which flowed into one and another, or to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes, where there was one chapter a month in a magazine. Books could, and did, go on for years!

In 'Serial' Sarah Koenig reports on different aspects of the murder, the way the case was handled, the things that were missing from the trial and tries to jog peoples' memories, 15 years after the fact.

It truly is an interesting series and one that I cannot recommend highly enough.

As always there are those who would try to take away from the hard work, and they are quite funny too! Why not make up your own mind by downloading the series so far here and listening to it on your non-brand MP3 player?

You can also see maps, letters and photos of the story so far - here.



Post publish prose: Further reading about the Serial serial can be found here on Mentalfloss and on Mashable