Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Viewing

Summer has officially begun  and there are some pretty awesome looking new tv shows coming along:

Joey Tribbiani finally breaks the mould he fell into on Friends and is finally playing a dad. With a family. And he gets to stay at home with them. The trailer is 4 minutes long, which is probably as long as each episode is going to be given the amount of adverts that'll be shown:

Training Day looks interesting, unbelievable,but interesting. A rogue detective (oooh) will take a rookie partner (aaah).

The Great Indoors is a comedy. Probably.

Basically a guy comes in from the wild where he has been doing whatever a chap does in the wild for months on end, but hey, he doesn't know what one is allowed to say in a multi-ethical social situation. Ensuing hilarity occurs. Why would i bother watching it? Stephen Fry, the glorious man himself, is in it.

Pure Genius - a young Silicon Valley gazillionaire builds a hi-tech hospital, staffs it with geniuses and then rolls the dice with people's lives. It appears to be all about him and one of the doctors he recruits, but with no love interest, complicity or real moral boundaries to be pushed, I don't see what this is really about, or why we should care.

Not wanting to appear to be too much of a bitter, twisted old chap, I am happy to share that Mister Thomas Cruise brings us a new Reacher movie, and it looks fricking awesome!!

Oooh, I nearly forgot - this little movie trailer actually had me laughing out loud:

Enjoy! And let me know what you watched, in the comments...



Thursday, June 2, 2016

Justified. Just Awesome

My favourite show of 2015 was Justified. As a amatuer writer I was unable to say what it was exactly about it that was so amazing, but I stumbled across this overview today and thought they hit the nail on the head:

JustifiedPossibly the best "Cop" show in the last decade. It's actually dangerous watching this because it'll make you believe you'd look good in a stetson. Olyphant and Walton Goggins are beyond amazing. Hell, the whole cast is. The show is effortlessly cool, badass, funny and just all round f***ing fantastic. It also has possibly the best ever series finale.
Network: FX, Netflix (UK)