Monday, February 23, 2015

SkyMall is dead. Long live Skymall

To misquote the late, great, Mark Twain "The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated". 

Happily this isn't in connection to me, but about the beloved and adored, if not respected, SkyMall catalogue.

Whenever I have gotten onto an internal flight in the beautiful US of A, I have always searched for the SkyMall catalogue. It fills me with wonder at the ludicrousness of the items in it. 

Do you want a Bigfoot garden ornament? They have it.

Or a glow in the dark toilet seat? They have it.

Whats that? I didn't quite hear you. You want a Bigfoot garden ornament for Christmas? They have it.

In light of all of the above, do you know anyone who would appreciate, let alone pay for, an Armadillo Beverage Holder? Well, they've got that too.

Thanks SkyMall. 

You rock. 



Sunday, February 15, 2015

Star Wars or Star Trek?

'And yea, for the internet was created. Thusly the Geeks and the Nerds did celebrate. And they asked, forsooth, one timeless question; Star Wars or Star Trek?'

Its the age-old question that still needs answering! So where can we get answers? We can go to Wikipedia, the place where all answers are stored, with the page 'Comparison of Star Trek and Star Wars', or if the World's Encyclopedia doesn't give you the answer, we can go to Business Insider, and their article about why supremacy goes to Star Wars.

Still not satisfied? has a great article about the different warring abilities of each side. I think the real answer is actually in each of us, and that is where Science Fiction wins!

Some awesome fan fiction video footage that sheds a visual light on the argument:

Personally, I'm off to read MHI another time, its may not be Star Wars or Star Trek related, but it is awesomeness in print.



Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hi-Tech and Not So Hi-Tech

A wearable defensive exoskeleton is the stuff of science fiction in some of our greatest stories. These garments are as varied as Batman's cape, King Arthur's armour and Iron Man's... well, whatever it is he wears.

So why can't our brave soldiers have such awesomeness when they go into battle? Now they can:

And then we have the sad demise of Radio Shack. A store I frequented even though I have never lived in America!

John Oliver, a fellow Brit, has an interesting view on how the fall of such a great company has been taken by the American media. NSFW!!

And then, after all this technology, a man flies from up on high and lands without a parachute. Exceptionally low-tech...



Monday, February 9, 2015

Cody Lovaas - Still A Rising Star

A while back I wrote about the very talented Cody Lovaas, and that he was a rising star. After last weeks post about music stars of today having a decent head on their shoulders, I decided to look him up on YouTube.

His new, original songs seem to be as good as anything else out there, if not better, so I am surprised that he isn't getting more attention:

What do you think?



Wednesday, February 4, 2015

I'm No Rocket Surgeon

Kids today don't know how good they have it;

They do get some things though, and I'm impressed to see that their cynicism against the fashion and advertising industries is more than a flash in the pan.

Colbie Caillat - Try, 38,350,678 views on YouTube

And of course, All About That Bass - 'every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top'

Meghan Trainor, All About The Bass 567,890,447 views on YouTube.


Half a BILLION views. Her message is definitely getting across.



Monday, February 2, 2015

Super Bowl 2015 Lip Sync

The Super Bowl is over and we each have our own feelings about who on, and how they won. To me, nothing sums up the Big Game better than this awesome lip sync battle.

Will Ferrell is wearing the required slouch-on-a-couch wear whilst Kevin Hart is still casual, but respectful in jeans and a t-shirt. Jimmy Fallon, as a true elder statesman of late night TV, is wearing a suit.

With a mere 185,000 views so far, I'm happy to sit back and watch it go sky-high.

And then there is this little gem of an advertisement. A call to 'wham bam thank you dam' all the dams in America.

Weird, but interesting nonetheless:

Oh, and if you want to see a lip sync fail of somewhat epic proportions, please allow me to introduce to you, Ms M Carey: