Monday, January 27, 2014

My Rabbi Is Tougher Than Your Rabbi

English: rabbi Shmuel rabinovitz Rabbi of the ...
English: rabbi Shmuel rabinovitz Rabbi of the Western wall with Rabbi Shmuel Deutch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Seriously? That's the level I'm stooping to? Yes, it appears that I am.

Despite the fact that Israel has a highly motivated and, sadly, highly active. army, the link between 'Rabbi' and 'Ultimate Warrior' has been lacking. Until now:

A California rabbi stepped into the cage for his first amateur MMA bout recently and won via TKO in the second round, according to FOX News (via The Algemeiner). Yossi Eilfort began training just six months ago under former UFC fighter Thierry Sokoudjou and said he never hit anyone in the face before.
His goal was to promote self-defense and fitness in the Orthodox Jewish community. Eilfort wanted the “physical, personal, mental challenge” -- not to injure someone.

“I believe if we’re not challenging ourselves, then we’re wasting time,” Eilfort said.

Yeah, my Rabbi can DEFINITELY beat up your Rabbi!

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