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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Santa Clarita Diet

Great news! Timothy Olyphant is back on our screens. He of stardom from one of the greatest TV shows of the decade, Justified. He is starring with an actress new to our screens, a certain Drew Blyth Barrymore. I believe she has had a part to play in certain films such as E.T. and 50 First Dates.

The background story is 'Mom is now addicted to human flesh'. A simple enough story as seen in their new TV show 'The Santa Clarita Diet'.

Finally a TV show I can watch with the wife!

Let me know if you enjoy it too.



Thursday, June 2, 2016

Justified. Just Awesome

My favourite show of 2015 was Justified. As a amatuer writer I was unable to say what it was exactly about it that was so amazing, but I stumbled across this overview today and thought they hit the nail on the head:

JustifiedPossibly the best "Cop" show in the last decade. It's actually dangerous watching this because it'll make you believe you'd look good in a stetson. Olyphant and Walton Goggins are beyond amazing. Hell, the whole cast is. The show is effortlessly cool, badass, funny and just all round f***ing fantastic. It also has possibly the best ever series finale.
Network: FX, Netflix (UK)



Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chuck Norris v. Jean Claude van Damme

Its been a while since real men have been allowed to be real men.  I've blogged about the cowboy heroes and anti-heroes in Longmire and Justified and Vegas, but here we have real tough guys doing what they do best - challenging each other and one-upping each other.

I can only hope and pray that the next level of this championship rocks as much as these videos do.

The 1st video is of that nice chap from 'Friends' Mr. Jean Claude van Damme and at the time of wiritng was at 61,210,215 views:

The 2nd is of that charming youngster, Chuck Norris. He who cannot be beaten.

Allegedly, Chuck Norris likes his meat so rare, he only eats unicorns.
When Google don't know something,  they go on the internet and 'Chuck Norris' it.


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