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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

You Couldn't Make This Up! Prince Roy of Sealand

Prince Roy of Sealand. Never heard of him?

Or Sealand?
English: Royal Standard of the Prince of Sealand.
English: Royal Standard of the Prince of Sealand. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well neither had I until I read his obituary in the Daily Telegraph this week.

Prince Roy of Sealand, who has died aged 91, was plain Roy Bates until, on Christmas Eve 1966, he established his own micro-nation on an abandoned wartime sea fort off the Suffolk coast and declared himself head of state.   
The Telegraph continues;
 He claimed Sealand as the world’s smallest sovereign state, even though it was not recognised by the British government — which largely ignored it — or any foreign power. During the 1970s Bates created Sealand’s own constitution, flag (red and black with white diagonal stripe), passports, stamps, currency (the Sealand dollar, bearing his wife’s image), national anthem and motto: “E Mare Libertas” (“From the Sea, Freedom”)....
After being overthrown as Sealand's leader, Prince Roy, from 100ft above the sea,  rappelled down a rope to the tiny helipad below. His son, Michael, did likewise. The rebelling Germans later confessed to being taken aback on encountering, in combat gear, an Englishman they had only known to wear a natty Savile Row suit and bowler hat.  

I suggest you read Prince Roy's whole story over at The Telegraph, he sounds like an extraordinary character, even by British standards!

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Real King

At this time of year we begin to hear songs about the King and his coming.

As someone who'll be working on December 25th, I can assure you that I will be thinking of the King on that day.

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