Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sugru - Making My Home A Better Place

** This post is in no way sponsored by Sugru**

I've always liked the idea of fixing things instead of throwing them away, and I despise just living with the problem because I just don't have the money to fix everything. And pay the mortgage. And buy food.

Recycling and reusing are very important to Her Indoors, and me, so anything that needn't be thrown away either sits around waiting to get fixed, or just gets used 'as is'. However, I came across a very interesting product recently called 'Sugru' and was looking into buying some.

Here is a short clip explaining the ethos behind Sugru - warning - there is a high possibility of dust getting in your eyes when watching this:

There is a large community behind the product and they happily share their 'How To' efforts on the website.
A product really needs to have good reviews for me to get to buy it on-line, and Sugru fit the description to a tee!

What I intend to do with Sugru and how:

1. Make custom fit ear-buds / ear phones for when I go hobbling round the block in a poor imitation of running.
2. Seal (again) the bath to the wall.
3. Fix plant pots to the walls. Or a deck chair. Or maybe the outside cupboard.
4. Show my Mum how to make handles and plugs easier for her to use
5. Plug the annoying hole in the cracked kitchen floor. And yeah, we bought the place like that.
6. And if I have any Sugru left at the end? I'm going to do a few of the '11 Ways to Improve Your Home'

So if I haven't managed to convince you that Sugru is the bastard son of super-glue and blutac, then here is a short list of things I intend to do with my 2nd and 3rd package of Sugru:

Fix the wife's broken sunglasses
Fix my son's favourite shoes
Reinforce the corners of my aquarium
Repair Upgrade my iPhone chargers, in the office, car and home:

If you have any further uses of Sugru, please let me know in the comments.


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