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Monday, October 22, 2012

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Amnesty International calls to arrest leaders of Hamas

Yeah - I wish!

Over at Elder of Ziyon there is a very interesting article about Amnesty International and their 'original' and ;unique' way of looking at terrorism and murder.

Amnesty urges Canada to arrest and prosecute George W. Bush

From Amnesty International:
12 October 2011
Amnesty International today urged Canadian authorities to arrest and either prosecute or extradite former US President George W. Bush for his role in torture, ahead of his expected visit to Canada on 20 October.

“Canada is required by its international obligations to arrest and prosecute former President Bush given his responsibility for crimes under international law including torture,” said Susan Lee, Americas Director at Amnesty International. Amnesty InternationalImage via Wikipedia

“As the US authorities have, so far, failed to bring former President Bush to justice, the international community must step in. A failure by Canada to take action during his visit would violate the UN Convention against Torture and demonstrate contempt for fundamental human rights.”
A failure by Canada to arrest former President Bush demonstrates contempt for human rights?

Palestinian President Mahmoud AbbasImage via Wikipedia I have never seen Amnesty urge any Western nation to arrest Mahmoud Abbas, whose Palestinian Authority has been found to - surprise! - torture prisoners. Similarly, I cannot find any Amnesty calls to arrest leaders of Hamas or other terror groups. (Egypt, for example, is a signatory to the Convention Against Torture and Amnesty did not urge Egypt to arrest any Palestinian Arab terrorist or political leader responsible for torture when they are in its territory.)

Amnesty, it will be remembered, has defended a supporter of the Taliban as a "human rights defender" and suspended an employee who disagreed.

If anyone needed any more evidence of the twisted priorities of Amnesty International, this pretty much seals the deal.

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