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Monday, September 23, 2013

I Have No Idea How An Engine Works

Not an exactly true title there, and a bit embarrassing considering that I am an addict for Formula 1 but I think you get the point. Most people 'know' that a car engine works by turning the key and pressing on the accelerator.

This shows how an engine for a Triumph car was taken apart, and rebuilt.

I think the title for the video is very apt:

11 Months, 3000 Pictures and a lot of coffee


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Monday, September 24, 2012

Robert Kubica's Injury - Part 2

Back in February 2011 Formula 1 racing driver and upcoming star, Robert Kubica had a serious crash whilst rallying in the off season. Here is my blog about Robert Kubica's crash.

Very much like his fellow driver Felippe Massa's near death experience with a piece of debris entering his cranium, Robert's injury put all of Formula 1's eyes on him. Unlike Felippe, Robert was unable (so far!) to return to the pinnacle of open wheel racing, which is Formula 1.

But good news! Robert is back to racing.

Autosport had this to say:

Robert Kubica took victory on his return to competition in an Italian domestic rally on Sunday.
The event was the first motorsport contest the Pole had entered since sustaining horrific injuries in a rally accident in Italy in February 2011.
...Kubica won all four stages of the Ronde Gomitolo di Lana rally to claim victory by nearly a minute over Omar Bergo's WRC Mini.
Robert Kubica

Before the start of the rally, Kubica told Italian television channel SkySport24 that the event marked the start of "a more active phase" in a recovery that he still hopes will bring him back to Formula 1 eventually.

And we're all sitting here waiting for your return sir!

Get well soon Bob.

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Monday, November 2, 2009

Drive I Swear

As I mentioned in a previous post, the first real rains of the season began yesterday. So here are a few rules for your delectation;

+ If you slow down to 20 km/h because of the rain I will gesticulate at you. Now get out of my way.

+ If you slow down to 20 km/h because of the rain and continue to hold the phone in your hand and talk into it I will gesticulate at you and insult your parentage. Now get out of my way.

Result of a serious automobile accident.Image via Wikipedia

+ Look at the road in front of you. If it looks like puddles then slow down. The odds are that your car weighs more than a bag of hot air and so in a Vehicle v. Puddle fight, don't worry, you WILL win. Now get out of my way.

+ If you do not think that lit headlights are a required addition to driving in stormy conditions I will flash my lights at you. I will also gesticulate and debate your parentage. Its not about you seeing the road, its about other drivers, and pedestrians, seeing you.

+ Driving with one armed draped over the passenger seat is never a good idea. If you do so whilst it rains heavily, and you're talking on the phone, and you have a cigarette in the same hand as your phone and you're undertaking someone I will do nothing.
I will do nothing because I'll be busy phoning the Police because you're a Caulking Font (rearranged for the faint of heart).
You may be suicidal but I like my life right now so I'll do my utmost to get you off the roads.

+ Everyone else? Yeah, you're good.

Thus endeth the rant.