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Monday, October 2, 2017

I Ain't No Musician

These new spaces are designed to be flexible.

So I just heard about this exceptionally talented musician from our talented chums over at Pomplamoose. They will be / have already opened for him as he tours the US of A.

You want genius? Because you can't handle this genius!

Yes he did. He took the potent, sexually laced phrase 'These new spaces are designed to be flexible' and made it into an upbeat song.

Wow. Just wow!



Monday, December 21, 2009

Bod, Flumps, Trumpton and more

I was talking to Mrs Jumblerant the other day about what DVDs we should buy our young son Jack as he begins to take an interest in the TV (idiot box, boob tube - whatever!). Wifey explained that as she was the 4th of 5 kids she never got to watch children's TV, and was thus brought up on Happy Days, The Brady Bunch and Little House On The Prairie.

This saddened me. I was brought up on amazing shows such as Bod:

The ever interesting and novel Trumpton:

The colorful and highly musical Rainbow:

And of course, not forgetting , the amazingly hi-tech Flumps:

We only ever watched Jamie And The Magic Torch at University, when we were exceptionally drunk...

I'm not sure what these shows did to or for me, but I hope I'm a better person for it!!

My in-laws are arriving in less than half an hour and as the computer is situated in the spare room the blog will be sparse for the near future.

Have some seasonal fun out there now y'all.