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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

5 1/2 TV Shows To Watch

Hi, my name is Jumblerant and I am an addict. I need my TV. I can live without it, I just prefer to indulge on a daily basis.

The talk of the town recently has been Netflix's Stranger Things. An interesting show that combines X-files, Poltergeist and basically became a Science Fiction, Supernatural fiction, Horror fiction, Mystery, set in the '80s.

A few of the shows I've been watching that have gone under the radar are somewhat less dramatic, but just as much fun;

1. Lucifer. Lucy is a simple chap, just likes to have fun and doesn't like ot commit. Except for the fact that he used to run Hell itself, he could be any nightclub owner in LA. Oh, and he's an angel.

Surprisingly funny, this show doesn't lean on the interaction between the female and male leads in a way that Castle (of blessed memory) did.

2. One Mississippi is a dark, dark humour vehicle for Tig Notaro. Definitely worth watching, if only for the amazing acting going on around her character, especially by John Rothman and Noah Harpster.

3. Killjoys is into it's 3rd season and is still a joy to watch. An action-adventure sci-fi drama set in a different galaxy, we follow what is basically a trio of sheriffs bringing justice to the lawless "Quad". There are some very interesting twists and turns that put this show apart from the run of the mill good guy v bad guy show.

4. President Graves is a retired politician who suddenly realises that his legacy is a worsened country, so he is going out there to make some more changes. Interesting, if fanciful, view of a politician who finally receives a soul. As if!

5. Ever wondered how a band tours? No? Me neither. However, Roadies shows us an interesting story behind the scenes of the Straton House Band. Sex, drugs, rock and roll for sure, but also friendship, romance, comedy and also some pretty awesome music.

Overall, there are still some awesome, original and interesting tv shows out there. Go have a look!



Sunday, February 15, 2015

Star Wars or Star Trek?

'And yea, for the internet was created. Thusly the Geeks and the Nerds did celebrate. And they asked, forsooth, one timeless question; Star Wars or Star Trek?'

Its the age-old question that still needs answering! So where can we get answers? We can go to Wikipedia, the place where all answers are stored, with the page 'Comparison of Star Trek and Star Wars', or if the World's Encyclopedia doesn't give you the answer, we can go to Business Insider, and their article about why supremacy goes to Star Wars.

Still not satisfied? has a great article about the different warring abilities of each side. I think the real answer is actually in each of us, and that is where Science Fiction wins!

Some awesome fan fiction video footage that sheds a visual light on the argument:

Personally, I'm off to read MHI another time, its may not be Star Wars or Star Trek related, but it is awesomeness in print.



Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chuck Norris v. Jean Claude van Damme

Its been a while since real men have been allowed to be real men.  I've blogged about the cowboy heroes and anti-heroes in Longmire and Justified and Vegas, but here we have real tough guys doing what they do best - challenging each other and one-upping each other.

I can only hope and pray that the next level of this championship rocks as much as these videos do.

The 1st video is of that nice chap from 'Friends' Mr. Jean Claude van Damme and at the time of wiritng was at 61,210,215 views:

The 2nd is of that charming youngster, Chuck Norris. He who cannot be beaten.

Allegedly, Chuck Norris likes his meat so rare, he only eats unicorns.
When Google don't know something,  they go on the internet and 'Chuck Norris' it.


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Monday, May 20, 2013

Take The Star Road

I'm so happy to see so many bloggers I follow become published authors.

First it was Larry Correia with the Monster Hunter series.

Then it was Marko Kloos with Terms of Enlistment

And now Peter, the most prolific and entertaining blogger I know - Take The Star Road

Good luck with the new book Peter!

Find Out More Here...

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Friday, December 18, 2009

If Luke, Darth and Han were on Facebook

'Rantings of an Arab Chick' is not a blog I quote from very much so I was very happy when she posted some hilarious Facebook conversations between the characters from Star Wars.

Go over to her blog to find more conversations between characters such as Luke, Han, Chewy, Leah, Darth Vader and Stormtroopers!

May the Force be with you.