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Monday, October 2, 2017

I Ain't No Musician

These new spaces are designed to be flexible.

So I just heard about this exceptionally talented musician from our talented chums over at Pomplamoose. They will be / have already opened for him as he tours the US of A.

You want genius? Because you can't handle this genius!

Yes he did. He took the potent, sexually laced phrase 'These new spaces are designed to be flexible' and made it into an upbeat song.

Wow. Just wow!



Sunday, May 18, 2014

Recognisable Music

I've written before about music I adore, such as the great folks over at Pomplamoose, and OKGO!, so I thought I'd share my latest experience with you.

Working in a relatively open plan office I inevitably find myself wearing thick headphones when I need to focus on something. I had some reports to write so put them on and cranked up Grooveshark and decide to listen to some classical music. A good channel called 'Instrumental FM - Music to Study, Work and Relax' had in the past been a good way to block out the background noise without the distraction of catchy tunes or new music.

Suddenly I stopped working and realised that I knew the tune being played. It wasn't the theme tune to Game of Thrones, nor was it a Pomplamoose album as there were no words.

And then it hit me, being played by no less than the London Philharmonic Orchestra:

Click on the link to play

AB: Main Theme by London Philharmonic Orchestra on Grooveshark