Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oops - I did it again

It looks like there was another major fraud going on recently. A mini-Madoff if you will. He only embezzled / defrauded / outright stole $8 billion so it took the SEC a while to catch the guy.

The Wall Street Journal has on it's front page - SEC Accuses Texas Financier of 'Massive' $8 Billion Fraud

I guess the normal news outlets (not 'outputs' as I wrote yesterday - DOH!) have more important news to report at this hour:

CNN - Facebook returns to its old Terms of Service
Fox - I don't know why I added this one but I did anyway...
BBC - still harking on about car makers - at least they're not bashing Israel right now
New York Times - also still harking on about car makers, but with different numbers to BBC
USA Today - new security measures at airports. Very uninteresting article - and I'm involved in airport security!

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