Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Is Your Company's Social Networking Policy Illegal?

Having been a member of the emergency services for nearly a decade I follow many blogs about, and by, EMS and related subjects.

I was thus surprised to see the article below on the subject of Facebook and twitter freedom for all!

Is Your Social Networking Policy Illegal?

 The argument for chatting about employers and superiors on Facebook? 

The National Labor Relations Act protects employees' right to discuss their working conditions, it decreed, and it didn't matter whether they did so around a water cooler or over Facebook.

It looks like it'll be an interesting discussion.

Discussion in comments - be polite!!



  1. As an anonymous (ahem) EMS blogger, one of the reasons I choose to remain so is precisely to avoid confrontations such as the one in this article. There is a time and a place and a right to discuss, disagree with and criticise those who you work for, but sometimes, biting the hand that feeds you is not all that wise. I'm not one who uses my blog to attack my management - my job means more to me than that - and yet, there is always the fear that one word out of place could bring it all to a halt.
    Having said all that - I'm glad to hear that there is always the fight for the freedom to speak your mind. In whatever format.
    Just beware of defamation and stupidity...

  2. I totally agree with InsomniacMedic. I do the same thing. I know that my department is currently looking at putting together a social media policy and I'd like to stay under the radar.

  3. Insomniac Medic - thanks for touching base. Glad to hear I can be of some use...

  4. Firefighter - thanks for visiting.

    Shame you have to hide behind a username to get your feelings known.

    Reminds of Tehran in the... 2010s!