Friday, February 15, 2013

Travelling Soon?


Regular visitors to this site know that normally I find a fun or interesting video to share, with an occasional rant thrown in.

Today is the dawning of a new dawn! Well, let's not go too crazy. Yes, i am going to gush about something, but this time its an app, not a video.

Background - my work has given me permission to work from Chicago for the month of July. All four of my family will therefore be leaving Tel Aviv at the crack of sparrow's fart at the end of June to travel a smidgen under 12 hours on a very fast plane. And then get on another.

So how do we 'de-stress' this whole set up? In the 'old days' I'd print up the tickets in triplicate and have one set on me, another in my suitcase and yet another posted to my destination in case there was an almighty screw-up.

With today's technology is dead simple. I simply signed up to join, then emailed them the itinerary i got from the travel agent and voila - all of my trip on my phone. Except that now I can also, at the touch of an icon, see the weather, alternate flights, ETAs, gates and so on.

Wowzers, with this app I am chilling out!!


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