Thursday, April 25, 2013

Evolution of the F1 Car

I do like me some Formula 1.

Some people don't understand how I can look at cars going round in circles and I answer "that's Nascar, not Formula 1!".

Some Formula 1 tracks are normal, bog-standard, roads taken over for the week, such as the famous Monaco, Sepang and Melbourne circuits:

Australian F1 Circuit, a local park turns into a Formula 1 circuit

Monaco F1 Circuit, Where the Streets have no names. But the corners do: Casino, St Devote, Rascasse

Sepang, Malaysia F1 Circuit, built around some amazing high rise buildings, all lit up for a real eye-opening evening race.

The old formula 1 cars don't look amazingly different to today's cars, I think they're the same length and roughly the same height. This little video will show you exactly though:

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  1. I also enjoy open wheel racing and Formula 1 is the pinnacle of racing technology.
    Several years ago I heard the annual budget for one single team was one hundred million dollars, per year.
    If you have to ask, you can't afford it kind of stuff but they are on the cutting edge and the things they come up with eventually trickle down.

    Folks that don't enjoy this type of racing don't seem to understand the chess game behind the guy going so fast and stopping so quickly that he is on the verge of blacking out from too many G forces.
    Nascar is the same in that aspect.
    The strategy going on behind the scenes goes unnoticed and all they want to see is a huge wreck.

    Their loss. I used to really like the IMSA series too.

    Hell, throw tires and an engine on something to make it go fast and I'll watch it. The Swamp buggy races are a hoot!

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