Monday, May 13, 2013

Will The Media Show You This Photo?

Having worked alongside some fine men in the military and police in Israel, and other countries. I can assure you that this border policeman is using the utmost control that you can imagine.

But I guess this photo isn't worth publishing:

Let's break it down a bit further;

The policeman is armed, probably with a standard M16A2, also, almost definitely with a magazine in already, although as he is not wearing a helmet, I assume that he does not have a round up the chamber. He is not even touching his weapon.

Now let's see how many members of the 'International Press' are in this image, discounting the one who took the photo;

At least five that I can see.

So this policeman is having the following done to him that any law enforcement agent I know would arrest someone for:

1. Someone in his face, not keeping a respectful distance
2. Touching him, whilst not illegal, is exceptionally close to 'assaulting an officer'
3. Initiating a fight with a law enforcement agent. This man holding the flag doesn't look to me, that his purpose is to give the nice officer a hug. 'Incitement'

With at least 6 members of the international press present, the photo and video footage of this policeman showing exceptional restraint doesn't get any air time. I guess he just needs to follow the stereotypical image of an Israeli thug and needs to bash this man around the head to get his 15 minutes of fame.

I can promise you that if the man holding the flag were to do what he is doing to an American or British policeman he would already have been laid out flat on the floor with the 'bracelets' being put on his wrists.

I guess the truth just hurts too much...

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