Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Star Wars Blooper Reel

As a youth growing up in suburban London in the '80s I adored Luke Skywalker and his merry gang of inter-galactic cowboys. It was only later in life that I found out just how great an actor Sir Alec Guinness was, and have watched all of his movies and TV shows.

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Sir Alec Guiness
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In fact, when I read Sir Alec's autobiography I was surprised to hear him talk about Star Wars as just another role, in fact he was doing it more as a favour or for pocket money, more than as another step on the ladder to success. According to WikiPedia

"In letters to his friends, Guinness described the film as "fairy tale rubbish," but the film's sense of moral good – and the studio's doubling of his initial salary offer – appealed to him, and he signed on".
I'm not so sure of the validity of that quote, but I might also have rose-tinted glasses to Sir Alec.

He had already made such amazing and varied career, which began before the Second World War, playing opposite such greats as Peggy Ashcroft, Anthony Quayle and of course, the King of Theatre - John Gielgud.

Some of Sir Alec's films include The Lavender Hill Mob, The Lady Killers, The Man in the White Suit, Our Man in Havana, The Bridge on the River Kwai (for which eh won an Academy Award), Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago and of course, in 1977, Star Wars.

There is a new blooper reel floating around now. I'm not sure how 'new' it is, but it is fun to watch even Sir Alec get a smile from such an intricate and complicated project.


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