Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Help Ukraine Refugees

I'm a middle-aged (ahem), happily married father of 3.

What I see happening in Ukraine makes me mad, but what can I do? 

Well, a friend of mine, who runs historic tours in Eastern Europe, dropped everything and began helping instead.

** Donate to this worthy cause at the JRoots website **

Currently, they are on the ground in Poland working on helping refugees. Amongst other things, they are working on securing hotel rooms for the next month and supplying kosher food to refugees. They are working hand in hand with the Krakow JCC who will be assigning the rooms as people arrive.

They are also helping the Jewish community in Lviv, including sending them generators so that they can keep the electricity and heating on even during the regular power cuts.

They are also sending the Lviv community blankets, bedding, and sanitary products. 

As my friend Zvi stated in a WhatsApp post:
Back at the refugee center in Krakow we found the team of volunteers in a giant human chain of box throwing loading a double-decker bus until there were no seats left. I loaded the top deck together with three young men who had fled Ukraine on the first day of the invasion. 


They are all helping those who have escaped but are constantly worried about their families who can't get out. 



Everyone you speak to here from Ukraine will tell you about their family members still there. There is no peace of mind for those who have managed to get across the border, just the constant worry about what's next and the worry about those left behind.


To make a donation to this worthy cause, please follow this link to the JRoots website.



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