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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

On Being An Old Git

I was just thinking the other day, how pathetic things are that so many 'new ideas' are just rehashing old ones.

Some have worked (Sherlock, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek) and some have failed miserably (Dukes of Hazzard, Ghostbusters) and others are still awaiting the court's decision:

Fuller House
X-Files ( just 6 episodes ordered by Fox)
Twin peaks
Gilmore Girls

And then, when I thought it couldn't get any worse, there is this;

According to this article in the Australian website the flip phone is making a come back. I even checked the date, to make sure it isn't 1st April!

On the bright side, my 4 year old is thoroughly enjoying the original Full House that she can watch on Netflix.



Friday, October 18, 2013

Shatter Proof iPhone - Is It Waterproof Too?

I'm an Apple fan. Admittedly I do not have a Mac computer but we do have an iPad 2, Mini-iPad and 2 iPhone 4's in the house - between the 4 of us. 1 of whom is 2 years old.

We also have all the cables and wires and chargers that we can possibly have, both upstairs and downstairs.

And in the car.

Many times our kitchen table looks like this

As of yet, we have not broken any Apple device to the point of needing to replace it completely. That is mainly due top the fact that we make sure to not hit it with hammers, electric drills or anything similar.

If we were to do that, then we would buy this product, as tested by the good folks over at Business Insider:

And no guys, the upgrade to iOS 7 did not make your phone waterproof. A ziploc bag can do the job quite nicely though...


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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sugru - Making My Home A Better Place

** This post is in no way sponsored by Sugru**

I've always liked the idea of fixing things instead of throwing them away, and I despise just living with the problem because I just don't have the money to fix everything. And pay the mortgage. And buy food.

Recycling and reusing are very important to Her Indoors, and me, so anything that needn't be thrown away either sits around waiting to get fixed, or just gets used 'as is'. However, I came across a very interesting product recently called 'Sugru' and was looking into buying some.

Here is a short clip explaining the ethos behind Sugru - warning - there is a high possibility of dust getting in your eyes when watching this:

There is a large community behind the product and they happily share their 'How To' efforts on the website.
A product really needs to have good reviews for me to get to buy it on-line, and Sugru fit the description to a tee!

What I intend to do with Sugru and how:

1. Make custom fit ear-buds / ear phones for when I go hobbling round the block in a poor imitation of running.
2. Seal (again) the bath to the wall.
3. Fix plant pots to the walls. Or a deck chair. Or maybe the outside cupboard.
4. Show my Mum how to make handles and plugs easier for her to use
5. Plug the annoying hole in the cracked kitchen floor. And yeah, we bought the place like that.
6. And if I have any Sugru left at the end? I'm going to do a few of the '11 Ways to Improve Your Home'

So if I haven't managed to convince you that Sugru is the bastard son of super-glue and blutac, then here is a short list of things I intend to do with my 2nd and 3rd package of Sugru:

Fix the wife's broken sunglasses
Fix my son's favourite shoes
Reinforce the corners of my aquarium
Repair Upgrade my iPhone chargers, in the office, car and home:

If you have any further uses of Sugru, please let me know in the comments.


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Monday, September 16, 2013

iPhone 5S - The Secret Behind The Technology

I happily have an iPhone 4. Very happy with it indeed. The pictures it takes are great, the iTunes software is evil-incarnate, but hey, that's going to be the same with any Apple product.

Personally, upgrading a phone because it weighs 7 grams less, or has an even better camera just doesn't make it pay for me. I have what I have and I am very happy with it.
Original iPhone + iPhone 3G + iPhone 4
Original iPhone + iPhone 3G + iPhone 4 

However, there is allegedly a new iPhone coming out very soon, and here are some of the details:


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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Five Steps to Vanquish Any Problem

I'm not a deep and meaningful kind of guy. No, honest, I know I have this blog and that I live on Facebook and Twitter, but even so, I don't consider myself a 'sharer'. But here's the rub, I found an article that gives such resonating advice about stopping thinking like a victim, and to react and act like a hero, that I am going to share it with you here, in it's entirety:

If you don´t see yourself as part of the problem, you cannot be part of the solution.
Every culture teaches this through a similar story. Joseph Campbell, anthropologist and advisor for Star Wars, called it “The Hero with a Thousand Faces.” The hero starts his journey feeling at the mercy of external circumstances. By the end, he realizes he is in control of his destiny. He knows that he can choose how to behave, learn and grow.
Teaching accounting at MIT, I saw how numbers shape perceptions.
Coaching leaders all over the world, I learned how stories shape lives. Good stories inspire you; bad stories disempower you. The worst stories are the ones that have you as a victim.
Heroes are not just mythical characters. They are examples of you at your best. Here are five suggestions to always remember who you are.
1. No problem -- Take the challenge
There is no such thing as a problem. What you call "a problem" is not a thing independent of you, but a situation you don´t like. It is “a problem for you.” To deal with it more effectively, put yourself in the picture. Think of it as your challenge. Take the difficulty as an opportunity to show your true colors.
I often catch myself saying, “the real problem is…” followed by the thought, “…that you don´t agree with me!” Equally often, my counterpart argues that “the real problem is…” that I don´t agree with him. Unless we recognize and give up these bad stories, we will each push hard to overcome the other. Push versus push equals stuck: a very expensive stalemate where we both spend tremendous energy for no result.
2. Drop “Who's responsible?” – Be response-able
You didn't do it. So what? You are suffering from it. People and things are out of control. It is tempting to blame them and play the part of the innocent victim. Don't.The price of innocence is impotence. That which you blame you empower. Become the hero of the story; focus on what you can do to respond to your challenge.
The inspiring question is not, “why is this happening to me!” but “what is the best I can do when this happens?”
I once coached a financial services executive who would always blame external factors: regulation, competition, the economy, his employees, his boss, his peers. All these forces did impinge on his goals. It was the truth, but not the whole truth. The truth that he refused to accept, the one that blocked his growth, was that he was able to respond to these forces. (See the coaching questions I use, here.)
3. Forget what you don´t want – Focus on what you want.
Consider an issue that troubles you. What would you like to have happen? I ask this every time I coach. Infallibly, I learn what my client would like to not have happen anymore. This is a bad end for a hero´s journey. Avoiding what you don´t want will take your energy away from achieving what you do want.
Your brain doesn't compute “no”. What you try to avoid you unconsciously create. If you don´t believe this, try to not think of a white bear right now and notice where your mind goes. Define a positive outcome precisely. Ask yourself, "What do I really want?" and visualize it in as much detail as you can. This will force you to put some flesh on the conceptual bones. Furthermore, ask yourself, “How would I know that I got what I wanted? What would I see? What would I feel?” In this way you will be sure that your vision has observable standards by which to measure success.
4. Take one eye off the ball – Go for the gold.
It’s not about hitting the ball; it’s about winning the game. Set your mind on what you are ultimately trying to achieve. Build a chain from means to ends, taking you from getting the job, to advancing your career, to feeling professionally fulfilled, to being happy. The ultimate goal and measure of success is happiness.
“What would you get, if you achieved X, which is even more important to you than X?” Ask yourself this question and discover that you never ask for what you really want—and neither does anybody else. We all ask for what we think is going to give us what we really want. Have you ever bought set of golf clubs hoping they would make you play better? And what would you get, if you played better, which is even more important to you than playing better?
5. Failure is not an option – Succeed beyond success.
Commit fully to achieve what you really want. Know that you deserve it and give it your best. This will make you more likely to get it. Success, however, is not the most important thing. To be a hero, pursue your goal ethically, as an expression of your highest values. Success may give you pleasure, but integrity leads to happiness.
Don't aim at success--the more you aim at it and make it (your final) target, the more you are going to miss it. For true success, like happiness, cannot be pursued; it must ensue, and it only does so as the unintended side effect of one's personal dedication to a cause greater than oneself. Listen to what your conscience commands you to do and carry it out to the best of your knowledge." -- Viktor Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning.


Friday, July 6, 2012

The Future Looks Good

In a world where everyone has their phone, iPod, laptop, and every other personal toy out there, Joe decided to see if the people out there still gave a hoot about their neighbour.

And he made a film about it. It looks pretty inspiring to me, not that I would ever take on such an endeavour!

It's nice to know that we're all still human underneath it all.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Twitter, iPhones and Fast Cars

I do love me some fast car action.

I have been a fan of Formula 1 for over 25 years (OMG!!) and I can always be tempted to watch some of the feeder formulae too.Formula One 2011

There are some great Formula 1 blogs out there. I personally think that Sidepodcast and are two of the leading ones. In fact is was Sidepodcast's latest announcement that brought me to write this blog entry.

I follow's Todd aka 'Negative Camber' and Grace via my iPhone, and their weekly podcast.

And on Foursquare.

And Twitter.

And I comment on their forums and website.

Sidepodcast have just launched a great App for the iPhone which brings you the latest Formula 1 info as written and read. And they have a seriously awesome SERIES of weekly podcasts. And they have live race coverage. And tweet like crazy.

Heikki handing back the Sidepodcast banner :)Image by lukehmuse via Flickr

Hey Toto, we're not in Kansas any more. Waving a flag and wearing a Ferrari top just isn't gonna cut it as a fan. This is some serious technology that's being used here - and all for free (to the end-user) and all created by fans without any advertising or business model.

This surely is the way the world is going. And as always, its the 'little people' with a passion who lead the way.

You heard it here first...

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Monday, March 21, 2011

iLike it

I don't think of myself as a techno-geek. My computer is 5 years old, my iTouch I won in a raffle and my iPhone 4 (ahem) is from work. My 'ipod' is actually a Sansa something-or-other and I love it.

So what is it that people so adore about Apple?

The iPhone is great. I get to send photos of my 2yr old from the camera directly by email to his grandparents, aunties and uncles. No need to wait until I remember to upload the photos from the camera - or, like we did 15 yrs ago - wait for the photos to be sent back by mail from the developer!

But here is something to explain Apple's secrets;

Its by College Humor so you just know its going to be a hoot! 


Monday, November 16, 2009

Apple Does It Again

Over here at Jumblerant we are very conscious of equality, women's rights and are keen to promote any new product that helps 'humankind as one'.

Wirecutter, over at Knuckledraggin my life away, has blogged about an interesting new product from Apple, the guys who brought us the Mac, the iPhone and the (and my) iTouch;

Apple announced today that it has developed a breast implant that can store and play music. The iTit will cost from $499 to $699, depending on cup and speaker size. This is considered a major social breakthrough, because women are always complaining about men staring at their breasts and not listening to them.
Laugh? I nearly had to change my trousers!!

Total thanks to Wirecutter - you are the best!!


Monday, October 5, 2009

look how cool my iPod Touch is

My iTouch Blog IconImage by BenSpark via Flickr

look how cool my iPod Touch is. I can write my blog from it and ooops.

Yes, that is how the last post went out.



Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I af a iTouch

Mrs J and I just went to the local mall to pick up our new iTouch which we won in a lottery. Any hints and tips about accessories, plug-ins, add-ons and other detritus which surrounds the iTune?

iTouch CasesImage by Rojer via Flickr

Its our first Apple product so I guess you can say we're iVirgins.