Thursday, June 16, 2011

Twitter, iPhones and Fast Cars

I do love me some fast car action.

I have been a fan of Formula 1 for over 25 years (OMG!!) and I can always be tempted to watch some of the feeder formulae too.Formula One 2011

There are some great Formula 1 blogs out there. I personally think that Sidepodcast and are two of the leading ones. In fact is was Sidepodcast's latest announcement that brought me to write this blog entry.

I follow's Todd aka 'Negative Camber' and Grace via my iPhone, and their weekly podcast.

And on Foursquare.

And Twitter.

And I comment on their forums and website.

Sidepodcast have just launched a great App for the iPhone which brings you the latest Formula 1 info as written and read. And they have a seriously awesome SERIES of weekly podcasts. And they have live race coverage. And tweet like crazy.

Heikki handing back the Sidepodcast banner :)Image by lukehmuse via Flickr

Hey Toto, we're not in Kansas any more. Waving a flag and wearing a Ferrari top just isn't gonna cut it as a fan. This is some serious technology that's being used here - and all for free (to the end-user) and all created by fans without any advertising or business model.

This surely is the way the world is going. And as always, its the 'little people' with a passion who lead the way.

You heard it here first...

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