Friday, June 17, 2011

Allan McNish

In my last, earth shattering, blog post 'Twitter, iPhones and Fast Cars' which caused furor in the world of... well, nowhere really.


I have always been a fan of motor-sport so it was interesting for me to see this week that 'Le Mans 24 hour' was trending on Google, Twitter and YouTube.

YouTube? Here's why:

At the time of writing, this clip had over 2,400,000 views. Nice.

And the funky thing for me? I've been in touch with Allan McNish in the past, discussing Formula 1 stuff on Twitter.

Weird to see someone you 'know' going through such a crash.

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  1. Two things - I love that in the middle of this stream of German commentary, the words "Safety Car" suddenly appear...
    And secondly - how the hell did most of that car stay on the right side of the safety barrier and its driver walk out of it???
    Crazy video...

  2. Amazing stuff eh?

    The funny thing for me was, later in the week, listening to learned drivers tell exactly why it was poor Alan's fault!