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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

5 1/2 TV Shows To Watch

Hi, my name is Jumblerant and I am an addict. I need my TV. I can live without it, I just prefer to indulge on a daily basis.

The talk of the town recently has been Netflix's Stranger Things. An interesting show that combines X-files, Poltergeist and basically became a Science Fiction, Supernatural fiction, Horror fiction, Mystery, set in the '80s.

A few of the shows I've been watching that have gone under the radar are somewhat less dramatic, but just as much fun;

1. Lucifer. Lucy is a simple chap, just likes to have fun and doesn't like ot commit. Except for the fact that he used to run Hell itself, he could be any nightclub owner in LA. Oh, and he's an angel.

Surprisingly funny, this show doesn't lean on the interaction between the female and male leads in a way that Castle (of blessed memory) did.

2. One Mississippi is a dark, dark humour vehicle for Tig Notaro. Definitely worth watching, if only for the amazing acting going on around her character, especially by John Rothman and Noah Harpster.

3. Killjoys is into it's 3rd season and is still a joy to watch. An action-adventure sci-fi drama set in a different galaxy, we follow what is basically a trio of sheriffs bringing justice to the lawless "Quad". There are some very interesting twists and turns that put this show apart from the run of the mill good guy v bad guy show.

4. President Graves is a retired politician who suddenly realises that his legacy is a worsened country, so he is going out there to make some more changes. Interesting, if fanciful, view of a politician who finally receives a soul. As if!

5. Ever wondered how a band tours? No? Me neither. However, Roadies shows us an interesting story behind the scenes of the Straton House Band. Sex, drugs, rock and roll for sure, but also friendship, romance, comedy and also some pretty awesome music.

Overall, there are still some awesome, original and interesting tv shows out there. Go have a look!



Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Whilst The Cats Away

The family is out of town for a few weeks, so I get to watch what I want on TV.

I've finished the Hobbit trilogy, this season of Deadliest Catch and Gold Rush and am now going to Netflix to watch a few documentaries.

Whilst on Netflix I'll be watching my beloved Longmire. It truly is an epic TV show. Epic scenery, epic storylines and just blinking epic!

So epic is Longmire that after it was cancelled by A&E that Netflix picked it up. Thats a whole other story though!

Another TV show I will be looking out for is new, and is Heroes Reborn, here's a sneak peek;

It looks very 'interesting' to say the least.

The future looks good - for my tv viewing at least!



Wednesday, August 20, 2014

About Time Too

I've never been skinny, even when I did extreme manual labour when I worked on a farm and ate only fruit and veg. Now, as I enter my 5th decade on earth I find that I need to decrease my belly to that of a normal human, so more exercise, less food and I'll get there.

But what is a chubby hubby to do? I don't have much time as we have 2 kids under 5 and I can't really allow myself to pay for a gym.

And then I found Neila Rey and that was a game changer.

I can see myself doing a Neila Rey exercise regime, 3 or 4 times a week, after the kids have gone to sleep in the computer room with a Formula 1 race or crappy comedy on the computer, and not have to worry about running into doggy-doo or a reversing car as I do out there, on the street.

Neila Rey workouts

The 90 days of action is my poison of choice, and I don't follow it religiously, but I do what I can, when I can. So go on over to Neila Rey's website and see what the options are to make your life better, and longer.



Friday, November 29, 2013

Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

I know its a tough world out there in Hollywood - but where the heck are my cowboys? I need to see some criminals get put away, some logic and gut feelings put into play and I need it now!




Nothing to see here, I'm just waiting for the boys to come back to TV is all.



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Friday, September 21, 2012

Top Gear Laughs

I've been a fan of Jeremy Clarkson, James May and The Hamster from the TV show 'Top gear' for the last 10 years or so. Its always fun to see someone discuss the pros and cons of cars you will never, ever, in your life drive. I guess its some kind of 'living by proxy' (or do I have that completely wrong?).

English: The BBC Top Gear presenting team of ,...

Anyhoo, in the last few years they've become sillier and funnier and their collection of laughs and antics just cracked me up. So much so, in fact, that I had to put my coffee down for fear of snorting it out of my nose! 

Here it is:

My personal favourite show of the entire show was their special trip to Vietnam, it was just so up close and personal about the trio and I think we got to see a bit of who they really are.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I just watched the season opener for "House" and it was probably the best TV show I have seen in years. And trust me, I watch a LOT of TV shows.

So what was so amazing about this episode? Well, first of all there was no old supporting cast. One can come into this 6th season knowing only that Dr Greg House is a selfish, arrogant, diagnostic genius and it all flows on from there.

I have never seen a season opener that is so intense, focused, dramatic and, lets not forget, entertaining!

I have watched quite a few season premieres of shows that we have been looking forward to. Nothing comes even close to the impact that "House" has.
And its a double episode! Which genius thought of that?

Personally I had no idea where the plot could go on this series, it has always been a standard setup in each show:

Gregory HouseImage via Wikipedia

1. Odd symptoms
2. House gets the diagnosis wrong
3. House annoys students / interns / anyone /everyone
4. House gets diagnosis right
5. Smiles all round!
This episode just blew me away and I look forward to watching the rest of the series.

As Glen Diaz on BuddyTV states:

The House season 6 premiere was a one-man show for Hugh Laurie, and I'm pretty sure all die-hard House fans had a grand time. And as much as I hate to admit it, much less admit it, I kind of did not miss the supporting characters. Maybe I miss Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) a bit, but only when she interacts with House, so I guess the doctor is still the integral part of that missing element.
Apparently "House" was the most watched premiere:

The two-hour season premiere of Fox's drama House emerged as the runaway ratings winner on the first night of the broadcast networks' premiere week. The show averaged a 6.1/16 with 15.8 million viewers at 8 p.m. before rising to a 6.8/16 and 17.2 million viewers in its second hour. It's a significant jump for the show, whose one-hour premiere last fall averaged a 5.6/16 and 14.4 million viewers.

By David Tanklefsky -- Broadcasting & Cable, 9/22/2009 12:17:22 PM EDT

So may I suggest you go and watch it?