Tuesday, August 31, 2010

True Blue

True Blue by David Baldacci.

I have a shelf of Baldacci's books and am a great admirer of his abilities. Sadly, in his latest book 'True Blue', he creates characters who are unbelievable and pens an ending that is nothing short of whimpering.

The main character is an ex-cop who is just finishing her 2 years in prison. Her sister is a cop - just happens to be the Chief of Police for a small town called.... Washington DC. Really? A believable story being weaved already I feel.

A body is found in a fridge in a lawyer's office, another one found in a dumpster and everyone but the right people get blamed.

Oh, and there is a car chase, a bike chase and some shootings too. And the government are killing people for no real defined reason.

I forgot to mention that some poor, hard working youngsters are saved by a billionaire for no apparent reason. And he has Navy SEALs patrolling his garden for some strange and badly explained purpose.

Worth a read? Probably. Worth buying off the shelf? Definitely not. Go borrow a friend's copy and judge it for yourself.

Mr. Baldacci, if you're reading this, try again please - with believable characters and a plot that we can actually follow!


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