Monday, September 26, 2011

I'm Proud.. Kinda

I say it in my description above and I'm not ashamed of it - I live in Israel.
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The mere fact that I think you might have a problem with me because of where I live actually speaks volumes itself.

And this Australian article really helps to explain it:

Anti-Semitism the real issue that dare not speak its name

A YEAR or two ago, I took a taxi from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv. It was a brilliant sunny day and all around me the hills were green, as we passed a prosperous Arab village, a beautiful kibbutz, a bit of jangled traffic.
The taxi driver was English, an English Jew who had found a better life in Israel - better pay, less anti-Semitism, safer streets, an easy air commute to his daughter in England, but close to other relatives in Israel, and lots and lots of sunshine.

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