Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas and the Cabbage Patch Kid

I heard a lovely story the other day and just knew that I had to share it with you.
My co-worker and friend... let's call her 'Shmirene'... grew up in the snowy baseball cap of the USA, which we know and love as 'Canada'. 
She grew up in the 80's and like every other 5 year old girl in the developed world at the time she wanted nothing more than a Cabbage Patch Kid to be waiting for her come Christmas morning, under the Christmas tree. 
Cabbage Patch Kids

These were dolls who would come with their own birth certificates, with fancy names like Geneva Gena, April Lynn, Marcelle Elizabeth and Jaedyn Denise.

And 'Shmirene' really wanted one. 

But really wanted one. 

What's a parent to do? There were literally fights in toy stores over the Cabbage Patch Kids. In the end her Dad got so fed up with her pleading and begging that he finally gave in and brought home a present for her that would hopefully bring a smile to her family as a whole.

But her Dad was no ordinary chap. 

Yes, he bought her a head of cabbage and told her that there was a doll in the middle. 

I respect and admire that man! 

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