Wednesday, November 13, 2013

'Hit and Run' or 'Run and Hit'?

Over at MArooned, Jay G. shares with us a great video about a hit and run. Its an interesting one for me as the events as they happened illicit different ideas from me whenever I put them into different scenarios.

Here is the video, and don't forget to read the questions underneath after you've seen the whole thing (its fun to see the last 10 seconds - trust me!).

1. If you were the driver of the black SUV - just how scared would you be?
1a. If this wasn't Chicago but let's say, Jerusalem, or Damascus, just how scared would you be?

2. If you were the driver of the cab, why didn't you just take the licence plate number and call the police?

3. Could all of this have been avoided if the cab driver hadn't armed himself with with something?

4. Can the cab driver be charged with assault / attempted damage to property and even causation of the situation?

Obviously none of us know enough about the situation to answer these questions properly, and the violence about getting the correct insurance information really is a 1st world problem. However, it does bring to mind an excellent advert that we used to be shown in the UK in the 80's:

What are your thoughts?


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