Monday, February 24, 2014

Food For Thought

Okay, I don't actually have astonishing news, but I did watch a pretty standard video that blew my socks off.
What's Cooking? with Jamie Oliver
What's Cooking? with Jamie Oliver (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jamie Oliver is a British chef who grew up as the son of a landlord, near where I grew up, in Essex (yay!), England. 'Pub grub' is common fare in the UK, always nice for a spot of Sunday lunch or for a family meal midweek. but Jamie has always tried to make it healthier.

Part of that change is from the 'carrot' of having good healthy food and thus, over a period of time, being fitter, happier people.
The 'stick' part of his process is to show just what is in the food you are currently eating. Mix the two aspects together and you have a food revolution.

Or do you?

Quite scary how they have literally seen what goes into their food and still choose what they did.

Mind blowing!

Its an uphill battle folks...


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