Friday, February 21, 2014

Frosty Bum!

The Olympics are here, well, the winter ones anyway, and its time for me to reminisce about some great times I spent with some simply marvelous people. Whats the connection? Well, one of them couldn't come to my wedding on Valentine's day many moons ago as he was in charge of the ice skating at the Olympics that year!

Oh yeah, I'm connected.

English: Ice skating in the Canada Centre, Met...
English: Ice skating in the Canada Centre, Metulla, Israel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I used to travel in connection with ice-skating. Memories abound of traveling to the middle of nowhere, normally off-season, to spend weeks in empty hotels watching angry parents push their kids to be the next Torvill & Dean, or Michele Kwan.

English: Kim during her free skating competiti...

 Many a cry of 'frosty bum' as a young lady fell over during her sequence, and probably half a flask of 'medicinal' rum was most afternoon's menu. But it was fun, and the people were great.

Admittedly, similar to dressage, the discus and the 200m hurdles, and unlike the biathlon, figure skating is of absolutely no use in the real world. It is however, very pretty, concise, artistic and I for one am very happy that I get to see Olympic quality skaters every 2 years, as opposed to a summer Olympics every 4 years.


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