Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Musings From the Grocery Store

Over at Voodoo Medicine Man a very interesting discussion has started. In his post 'Musings From the Grocery Store' Voodoo Medicine Man asks if we should or could intervene when we encounter an incredibly obese person.

In the self-centered world that we live in I can assume that none of us would even consider approaching such a person. But as Voodoo Medicine Man notes:

If she were about to jump off a bridge, or swallow a hand full of pills, virtually anybody would intervene and attempt to save her life. If she were a drunk driver, some would take her keys away or call the cops. If she was a child who wandered onto a busy highway, people would risk their life to save her.

And he continues;

Why the difference in human concern when confronted by somebody risking death by Twinkies compared to those risking death by a bullet?

Personally I think that the reverence in which society today holds the concepts of free speech and one's own, complete, ownership of one's own future, preclude intervention by anyone except a respected health-care worker or Oprah (!).And until such a health worker is contacted far too much damage, both mental and physical, can be done.

What do you think?


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