Tuesday, December 1, 2009

You are observant

You are observant. Yes you are.

I mentioned that the short film in my bloggage of yesterday, Jam, had two of my fave people on it and then went on to laud the amazingness that is Stephen Fry.

And the other fave person? That must have been Mr. Philip Schofield.

Philip SchofieldImage by TGIGreeny via Flickr

So who is he and why do I like him? Well, as always, I'll answer the second part first.

Not only does he answer my DMs on twitter, but he also sends out interesting Tweets. That's why I like him today. In the last 20 odd years he has been a TV presenter in the UK and has always come across as a 'good egg'. The same way that Stephen Fry appears but without the 'I know more than you so sit back and learn'.

Basically he comes across as a nice guy and I respect that.

What a Twitter! Phillip Schofield is more interested in tweeting than eating

And then there was Gordon the Gopher. If you don't know what I'm talking about then watch the video below or ask Mr. Google if he can help.

From his current TV show's website:

Phillip Schofield joined This Morning in September 2002 and currently presents the show four days a week.

By the age of ten, he had already decided he would like to pursue a career in broadcasting and began to write to the BBC. He was finally offered a job in September 1979 at Broadcasting House, London, working for radio outside broadcasts as a booking clerk.

Aged 19, Phillip left the BBC to emigrate to New Zealand with his family. He quickly landed a job presenting on Radio Hauraki in Auckland and went on to appear on television. Three-and-a-half years later, he decided that it was time to return to Britain.

Within four months of returning to the UK, the BBC presentation department offered him the job of fronting Children’s BBC from the Broom Cupboard.

Phillip accepted and stayed with presentation for two years. He then went on to present five series of the popular Saturday morning show Going Live, four series of Take Two, three series of his own quiz show, The Movie Game, two series of the highly acclaimed travel show Schofield's Europe and a series of Television's Greatest Hits.

In 1993 he signed a two-year contract with ITV and starred in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat at the London Palladium.

Phillip then took the show around the UK and Ireland from December 1993 until February 1995. In December 1995 he took up the Dreamcoat again at the Oxford Apollo Theatre and in February 1996 moved to the Hammersmith Labbatts Theatre through to the middle of 1996.

In 1996 he also signed an exclusive contract with Carlton Television and presented a number of shows including Schofield’s Adventures in Hawaii (a one-hour special), Schofield’s Quest, two series of Tenball and two Christmas specials: Schofield’s Gold and Six Little Angels.

Autumn 1996 saw Phillip presenting two series, One In A Million and Schofield's TV Gold, followed by a one-off Christmas special, Now We’re Talking. In autumn 1997 Talking Telephone Numbers returned for its fifth series and a further series of One In A Million ran through to July 1997.


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