Monday, December 7, 2009

The Real Things in Life

With Thanksgiving just behind us and a veritable plethora of family based festivals coming up I think its time that we focused slightly on the Real Things in Life.

We worry about who the next American Idol is going to be and even who is to blame for the Economic Disaster we are in the middle of but now let's think about the guys out there, doing their normal jobs and paying the price for democracy.

Marines Net Top Awards in Enemy Ambush

In well-rehearsed fashion, the four Marines knocked on a farmhouse door, opened it and tossed in a flash grenade before rushing inside.

The morning of Nov. 16, 2005, was another day in Operation Steel Curtain to stem the flow of mercenaries entering Iraq from Syria. The end of this particular assignment was in sight as the Marines were running out of houses to check for signs of hostiles on the outskirts of New Ubaydi, near the Iraq border.

Navy CrossImage via Wikipedia

What they couldn't know was that two dozen insurgents had picked the last farmhouse on the road for a final stand.

Clicketh thee here to read the whole story. I highly recommend it.


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