Friday, April 23, 2010

Fed Up With Being Bashed About

I don't like bullies. I don't like liars. I really don't like being on the receiving end from either. Shocking really.
Someone who also doesn't like being rallied against is Amy. She received abuse from a friend of a friend on Facebook and decided to fight back on her husband's blog 'Fighting for Liberty'.

Some quotes from her essay:

{{w|Arthur Balfour}}, former Prime Minister of...In the late 1800s, some Jews began looking for a solution to the violent Judeophobia (I prefer this term to “anti-Semitism”) in Europe that they had been enduring for centuries. (Concise timelines of Judeophobia are here and here.) It was obvious to people like Theodor Herzl that the Jews needed their own land where they would no longer be persecuted.  (Examples of brutal, racist treatment can be seen here and here.)  Jews bought more land in Palestine (whenever possible – many Palestinians refused to sell land to Jews), and Russian Jews immigrated there to flee the waves of pogroms, increasing the Jewish presence in Palestine, even before the British issued the Balfour Declaration in 1917.  However, the British also promised the land to the Arabs, and had separately made a deal with France to make Palestine internationally controlled.  The Arabs revolted against the British (killing Jews as well, just for good measure) in 1936.  Although the Arabs weren’t successful in kicking out non-Arabs, this revolt started some cultural shifts – namely, increased hostilities between Arabs and Jews (two groups whose ancient histories had been intertwined in this area for thousands of years), and Britain revoked their promise to give land in Palestine to the Jews.

You say the Israelis are brutal and racist.  However, I think you are seeing only the ugliness of war on one side.  It is ugly on both sides.  The Israelis did not start the war.  On May 15, 1948, just one day after the independent state of Israel was created, six Arab nations declared war on Israel.  The war could have been avoided if the Palestinians had agreed to the U.N.-proposed two-state proposal.  And still, the war could end at any time if they would agree to a two-state proposal.
Well done Amy! For the rest of the essay click here


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