Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bear Shot After Swiss Zoo Intruder Mauled

After reading this headline I was appalled. The poor innocent bear was just doing what he normally does and this crazy guy goes into the bear pit without thinking about the consequences.

Then I read the article. The intruder was mentally handicapped.

So who is to blame here? The doctors for letting him out by himself? The zoo for not ensuring the bear pit was inaccessible, even to crazed loons? Or society, for putting the bears out for show in the first place.

Is there any blame to be apportioned in the first place?

What do you think? Discussion in the comment area please, and keep it kinda pleasant!!



  1. Bears are cuddly, and our friends. They should not be kept in cages, but free to roam, drive, and play golf.

  2. No one considers that the bear is socially handicapped. A captive animal is a wild animal in non-wild surroundings. Zoological parks (reputable ones) work hard to ensure their animals want for nothing; they are fed a precise diet regularly, checked by veterinarians, monitored by zookeepers for health and cleanliness. The man dropping in was merely more envioronmental enrichment from the bear's point of view. One wonders who supervised the mentally handicapped man's diet, medication and surroundings.