Friday, November 13, 2009

Facebook Alibi Saves Jailed Teenager

Over on Sky News (aka Fox in a British accent) there is a charming story about a teenager who is jailed for a crime but has a Facebook entry as his alibi;

Rodney Bradford spent 12 days in prison after being arrested on suspicion of holding up two people close to his home in Brooklyn.

Image representing Facebook as depicted in Cru...Image via CrunchBase

But the 19-year-old was eventually released after an update on the social networking site placed him at his father's flat across town in Harlem.

The whole article can be found here

And what kind of update did the young bastion of society send?

'Rodney Bradford is'....
upset at world hunger
going out with the guys
lol-ing at Glee

No, Rodney Bradford's jail breaking message on Facebook was 'where my IHop?'. The message was intended for his pregnant girlfriend who he hoped would cook him breakfast.

IHOP The International House of PancakesImage via Wikipedia

For that alone I would throw him back in the slammer! Too lazy to make your own breakfast, but up and about and faffing around on Facebook? 21 days your honor!!


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