Friday, November 20, 2009

Kidneys, livers and hearts I understand, but fat?

Its safe for me to return to Peru now.

The land of Paddington Bear and the location for Stephen Fry's (praise be The Tweet) amazing books and documentaries;

'Paddington Bear: The Early Years'
'Stephen Fry and the Spectacled Bears'
'Rescuing the Spectacled Bear: A Peruvian Diary'

My sister, who we all now know is not obese or even 'puffy' would have been safe in Peru even though it has come to light, with the arrest of 3 local Peruvians, that over 60 people were murdered.

And why were so many innocent lives taken? Organ sellers? Blood collectors? To get their money or valuables?


To sell their fat on the blackmarket for cosmetic use in Europe.


This is some scary stuff. And more reason than ever for me to get on with this exercise and diet regime.


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